Over the past ten years main arteries like 33rd St. have become congested not only during rush hour traffic. Not surprisingly because 33rd St. supplies residence from the city's edge to the river with access to the downtown core. With the addition of Hampton Village and now the Kensington Blairmore neighborhoods there is a need to connect Claypool Dr. to Hughes Dr giving access to Circle Dr. for thousands of new homes and taking the strain off of 33rd St.. Furthermore, more could be done to maintain traffic flow, especially in winter, if two of the four available lanes were not always used to pile snow in. I maintain that main arteries should be plowed and pickup up within a week of any major snowfall. Here's something that's unique to Saskatoon: Having three stop signs on three consecutive blocks of a main access to Hampton Village via Junor Ave. Really! Why not put up those little traffic flow boxes to find out what's necessary and what's not; where to put a stop sign and where to put a yield sign. Maybe traffic would be moving more briskly if drivers weren't dodging so many potholes. Don't get me wrong, a fairly good job was done to fix most of them before snow fall but just because we experience one bad year of potholes I don't believe that justifies what will most likely be a permanent tax increase. Would it not be more prudent to levy a one time charge payed over a two or three year period to help fix what extreme weather conditions did to roads after the 2013 winter. That way there would be no need to increase taxes to pay for road repair. We've heard the saying "Extreme conditions call for extreme measures". Usually extreme measures will end. I hope we can say the same for the tax rate increase to fix the potholes.

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Jon Ellis over 4 years ago

On a recent trip to Regina, I was surprised at how easy it was to drive about and get where I wanted. I'm not sure what has happened in Saskatoon, but it is not a pleasant little city to get around in. Transit continues to be horrible, and traffic flow is poorly managed - I've given up hope of living in a walkable or cycle friendly city. The interchange on Circle Drive where one either heads downtown or over the South Bridge is ridiculous and confusing. The new interchange at Idylwyld and 25th is stunningly odd in many ways. The Interchange at 22nd and Circle/Confederation has always been a mystery: this legacy of mediocre planning and design appears to be impeding any capacity to do anything differently...I don't expect this can be fixed without an unspeakable amount of money. Meanwhile, despite hype to the contrary - we are in the middle of a housing crisis and poverty is snowballing.

Wiging197 Wiging197 at August 20, 2018 at 2:51am CDT

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